Monday, December 28, 2009

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

This week, I am vacationing in Park City, UT. Today was my first day at the mountain and my friend Tori and I decided to venture off on our own. Being that it is the week after Christmas, the lines for the chair lifts were a real bitch. We decided that the two of us would just take the single's lane in order to get up the mountain in a more timely manner. My first trip up the mountain I was paired up with a group of men that I would estimate to be about twenty five years old. As the lift operator matched me up with them he said "You may not want to go with these guys". They were straggly and unkempt, but they looked like a good time which was reason enough for me not to listen to the man's advice. As soon as we took off the men started joking around with me asking if I was scared of them. I said no and just laughed as they ripped on the lift operator. Things got quiet for a while and I was staring at the beautiful sights that Utah has to offer. To break the short lived silence, the guy next to me turns to me and says: "Chairlifts are for smoking weed, you want us to bust out a J and you can have a hit?!" I respectfully declined, it's really not my thing. But, I really found so much humor in those men. For the rest of the day I chose to only use the single's lane. I figure there are plenty more characters to be found at this busy ski resort. Sometimes I sat quietly and just noted the behavior of the people sitting beside me. Other times I interacted with them, asked them questions, and made stupid comments. I observed plenty of personalities over the span of my day. There were several stereotypes such as: the bitch, the overprotective mom, the bratty kid, the couple that has no shame in displaying massive amounts of PDA, etc. Even when we met up with my brother, his friend, and my parents, I insisted on taking the single's lane while they stuck together on the lift. As much as I love spending time with the people who I came on this trip with, I can sit around with them any day of the week. It is not every day that I get to hang out with such a diverse crowd and for today that provided a certain level of entertainment as I froze my ass off sitting on the lifts.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

October was awesome. November sucked. December's looking up.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All We Want

All we want is sheer perfection
We act like all our needs must be met
We beg and plead for true affection
We're never pleased with what we get

All we want is attention
We all want to feel loved
We cry out for a simple reaction
We all want to be thought of

We can't always get what we want, that's the fact
But it doesn't stop us from looking back
We desire the things we had, but lost
We all want to be happy at any cost

We're all desperate to fulfill what we need
We demonstrate hypocrisy, we demonstrate greed
All we want, is we want it all
No matter how big, nor how small
The confliction in our minds is always a task
We want what we want, we want it when we want it
So tell me now, Is it all too much to ask?

Monday, December 21, 2009

As I explained in my earlier post, Friday was the much anticipated day of worship for the one and only Lady GaGa. With a leotard, fishnets, and a lighting bolt plastered across my face, life was good as I entered a party populated with people who just didn't get the memo on the GaGa dress code. That's right, it was not a themed party. We brought the theme. Pure and utter craziness ensued once we walked in and surprised the partygoers that night. It was a night of ridiculousness as I predicted and it couldn't have been too much better in the end.
As for Saturday, my night consisted of being with the people I really do LOVE. That includes the friends and family who attended my parents' annual Christmas extravaganza. Any time that I can enjoy a Corona and lime with my Pop Pop and my best friends in the same room is quite a good time in my eyes.
To put the icing on the delicious cake that I would like to call my weekend, school was cancelled for today! That's right, a snow day! Life doesn't get too much better than it is right now. An amazing weekend! Parlor Mob is in two days! Christmas is in four days! I will be heading out to Utah in six! Hmm.. How do you like them apples?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holiday!

Tomorrow is National Lady GaGa day according to the FaceBook invitation that I recieved a couple of weeks back. I was reminded of this by a notification yesterday. Needless to say, I am pumped. I have every intention of going all out! Coincidentally, my school has a dress down day scheduled for tomorrow. It is Christmas themed and we are required to wear either red or green. Think the Catholic School community would mind if I sported one of her red or green looks? Here are my options.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peace, dood.

I have just about had it with this peace sign thing. You are not a hippy. I assure you that the losers who decide to cover themselves with this symbol have not burnt their bras or "made love, not war" in the back of a Volks Wagon bus. Those were the people who defined female empowerment. Think about this the next time you see a teenybopper sporting a "PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS" tee. Give me a break. Trip on some acid and then we'll talk.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why does the world go round?

As we grow up, we are all taught that there are certain things you just have to accept. Our curiosities were always shut down with the simple answer: "Just because". We are trained like robots to understand that some things just are what they are and it is about accepting them. We continue growing and those naive questions are no longer asked because we have come to terms with the fact that we will not receive any answer that we wish to hear. But does that mean that we do not still wonder? All I know is that we all still ask "why". But now there are entirely different reasons:

Why did he cheat on me? Why does she continue to stab me in the back? Why can't I have a perfect family?

In these scenarios we never can seem to take "Just because" as an answer. We all demand explanations that we will honestly never get. So why must we continue to ask? I feel as though it is essential for us as a whole to accept it. Certain things; they don't work out. Certain people; they hurt you. Now, As I state those facts I'm sure your minds are tempted to ask why! Not on purpose, but because we are all wired that way. We need that explanation. We crave it. The human mind is a marvelous thing and wants to learn answers to all your dilemmas in life. But how is it now, that there are certain exceptions to what it puts thought into? Our mind doesn't even begin to entertain the question: If a tree falls in the forest but no one's around to see it.. does it make a sound? Although we all secretly wish we knew, we accept that that answer is no where to be found. Not everything in life will be explained to you. You will not always receive the answers that you are looking for. And I promise you this, that huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders the second you begin to accept that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thinking Thoughts

I sit here in my room seeking direction from the one person who is consistently there in my life, Miley Cyrus. Just kidding. But not really considering that I am currently blasting "The Climb" and letting it take me away. Well, back to reality. I think this song is so corny. I love it. What's wrong with being corny, anyway? It's totally underrated. I'm a silly person. Taking life seriously is just not my forte. I am realizing that FishVille is more worth my time than Marine Biology. Us Weekly is a better read than The Canterbury Tales. And online shopping should be taken more seriously than Algebra 2. And that's just the way I see it! I find myself procrastinating yet again from the countless assignments that I owe teachers. I'm doing what makes me happy. I sit here. I write. I'm no scholar. No star athlete. No beauty queen. I feel no need to leave behind a legacy. I feel like so many people get caught up in that. I'd rather sit here and feed imaginary fish than work my fingers to the bone just to watch my name collect dust in a trophy case. I just got new b00tz in the mail! See? You can't go wrong with online shopping. So now, I sit here. Same sweatpants/ T-shirt ensemble with the little extra flair that has been added with these fabulous Steve Madden ankle booties. I love this. It's the most amazing feeling. Carefree? That's how I'd describe this. There's no one judging me right now and I still feel like a lucky little bitch wearing these hot ass boots. They're actually a real pain in the ass to squeeze in and out of, but beauty is pain, right? I think it's really something how pair of shoes lightened my mood in an instant.
I'd love to continue this blog but since my mind is an overall jumbled mess it would keep jumping around anyway. I'm sure anyone who happens to be reading this is aware that I need to work on my transitions!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's get involved

I need to take up a hobby. Let's just say that my extracurriculars are a little less than up to par. Technically speaking, there is not much that sets me apart from any other white girl living in suburbia. But as I sit here reviewing my options for what after school activities I should consider picking up, I realize I have plenty of skills. None that would conventionally get anyone into the college of their choice but they are still valid in my opinion! Are things like compassion and consideration for others considered talents? Does it make a person skilled to be able to deal with trauma and heartbreak? I say yes. I say that developing people skills is just as difficult as becoming an all-star athlete. I say that talent is made up of hard work and experience. It is fair to say that it takes a lot of practice to know how to cope with hardships. Practice makes perfect, right? Well there have been a couple of hell weeks throughout my days, I deal with those just as I dealt with my field hockey preseasons. Basically just trudging through sprints with the attitude that it would soon be over. Thinking to myself: "Don't stop, Don't give up, Don't cry, Don't show any signs of weakness". In the grand scheme of things life will continue to throw issues my way. My hope is that I can become a master of strength. At 16, I am merely a novice for I have yet to experience as much as I know I will in this lifetime. I am not saying that I will fill my college resume with extracurriculars like these however it is something to think about! Are high school sports going to be worth it in the end? I say, no.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Livin' It Up

And here I sit, well past midnight with a pile of completed homework sitting beside me as I await the arrival of my next door neighbor whose kids I babysat tonight. All I know is that I BETTER be making serious bank tonight! I could watch T.V. but I think I’ll let my mind vent a little bit about this stressful night. First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am babysitting for two girls. Ages; ten and thirteen (Yes, that’s right… thirteen). I think I’ve been babysitting these two since I was her age. Now, I for one, find it somewhat difficult to interact with these kids. I know that if I were in her position I would be telling that bitch to leave me the fuck alone! This dilemma however has given me the perfect opportunity to actually do some homework for once. If I had it my way right now, I would be passed out in my own bed.

The public schools have off of school tomorrow and Friday. This irks me, I have had it with Catholic school. Of course, I am still grounded from the incident on Halloween so it doesn’t even make too much of a difference. I barely have reason to look forward to the weekends anymore. Although I did regain full access to my computer and Blackberry! Baby steps, people… baby steps.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's All Fun and Games Till the Cops Show Up!

All of my hopes and expectations that I had for my Halloween were shattered the second I watched that first police officer walk down those stairs. This was in fact my first serious encounter with the fuzz. I knew I was screwed and for that reason... I was pissed. Not only was it just past 9:00 but Marie, Chelsea, and I were sporting the sickest costumes the world has ever seen. This may potentially seem like an exaggeration. However in my opinion... It is an understatement. It was hard for me to find humor in the situation, although there was a lot happening around me that I would later find hilarious. In fact, in my state of shock I decided it would be my best bet to look the cop straight in the face and just start to cry! Mind you, these were real tears- however, it is apparently frowned upon in the eyes of the police to argue with them. This may seem like a no brainer to most, but in my case I took this opportunity to make my desperation known amongst all of the men in blue. In my mind, the most unfortunate part of this whole ordeal is that my Halloween completely sucked ass. Barely any pictures were able to be taken and our costumes were a real hit for the whole ten minutes that we got to experience at the "party". The mental note that I have made out of this whole mess is that it is a bad idea to kick out the stupid, drunk girls! What's a couple more dumb, sloppy girls going to do? It's when those girls leave the party that liability comes in to play and that is where the problems really start. As much as this next month of being grounded is going to totally suck, I'm mostly mad that I in no way, shape, or form went out with a bang! More like a whisper. The only things that were bangin' that night were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and no one got to fully appreciate them! Minus the police officers, of course. Which I find surprising since cops don't usually take kindly to teenage girls in fishnets and high heels. On any other day I would've most likely been jailed for the night on charges of prostitution. However, I am left to assume that my nunchucks may have been what warded them off.
- Until next time,
Michael Angelo

P.S.- The picture in no way does the costume justice!
Not Pictured: My orange heels, my eye cloth, and my florescent orange nunchucks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Whelp, Here's my blog!

I'm Rachel and this is my blog. I have a Facebook, Myspace, and a Twitter.. But I hope to embark on a new virtual obsession where I can share more stories and experiences that I am currently going through day to day. I love to write. I keep a journal. I am a strong advocate of self expression. I want to make it known that I am a free spirit. I am very liberal. I have a very good sense of humor and I love people and things that can make me laugh. These qualities are what I believe make me a perfect candidate for a blog. Stay tuned!