Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's get involved

I need to take up a hobby. Let's just say that my extracurriculars are a little less than up to par. Technically speaking, there is not much that sets me apart from any other white girl living in suburbia. But as I sit here reviewing my options for what after school activities I should consider picking up, I realize I have plenty of skills. None that would conventionally get anyone into the college of their choice but they are still valid in my opinion! Are things like compassion and consideration for others considered talents? Does it make a person skilled to be able to deal with trauma and heartbreak? I say yes. I say that developing people skills is just as difficult as becoming an all-star athlete. I say that talent is made up of hard work and experience. It is fair to say that it takes a lot of practice to know how to cope with hardships. Practice makes perfect, right? Well there have been a couple of hell weeks throughout my days, I deal with those just as I dealt with my field hockey preseasons. Basically just trudging through sprints with the attitude that it would soon be over. Thinking to myself: "Don't stop, Don't give up, Don't cry, Don't show any signs of weakness". In the grand scheme of things life will continue to throw issues my way. My hope is that I can become a master of strength. At 16, I am merely a novice for I have yet to experience as much as I know I will in this lifetime. I am not saying that I will fill my college resume with extracurriculars like these however it is something to think about! Are high school sports going to be worth it in the end? I say, no.

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