Monday, November 16, 2009

Thinking Thoughts

I sit here in my room seeking direction from the one person who is consistently there in my life, Miley Cyrus. Just kidding. But not really considering that I am currently blasting "The Climb" and letting it take me away. Well, back to reality. I think this song is so corny. I love it. What's wrong with being corny, anyway? It's totally underrated. I'm a silly person. Taking life seriously is just not my forte. I am realizing that FishVille is more worth my time than Marine Biology. Us Weekly is a better read than The Canterbury Tales. And online shopping should be taken more seriously than Algebra 2. And that's just the way I see it! I find myself procrastinating yet again from the countless assignments that I owe teachers. I'm doing what makes me happy. I sit here. I write. I'm no scholar. No star athlete. No beauty queen. I feel no need to leave behind a legacy. I feel like so many people get caught up in that. I'd rather sit here and feed imaginary fish than work my fingers to the bone just to watch my name collect dust in a trophy case. I just got new b00tz in the mail! See? You can't go wrong with online shopping. So now, I sit here. Same sweatpants/ T-shirt ensemble with the little extra flair that has been added with these fabulous Steve Madden ankle booties. I love this. It's the most amazing feeling. Carefree? That's how I'd describe this. There's no one judging me right now and I still feel like a lucky little bitch wearing these hot ass boots. They're actually a real pain in the ass to squeeze in and out of, but beauty is pain, right? I think it's really something how pair of shoes lightened my mood in an instant.
I'd love to continue this blog but since my mind is an overall jumbled mess it would keep jumping around anyway. I'm sure anyone who happens to be reading this is aware that I need to work on my transitions!

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