Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's All Fun and Games Till the Cops Show Up!

All of my hopes and expectations that I had for my Halloween were shattered the second I watched that first police officer walk down those stairs. This was in fact my first serious encounter with the fuzz. I knew I was screwed and for that reason... I was pissed. Not only was it just past 9:00 but Marie, Chelsea, and I were sporting the sickest costumes the world has ever seen. This may potentially seem like an exaggeration. However in my opinion... It is an understatement. It was hard for me to find humor in the situation, although there was a lot happening around me that I would later find hilarious. In fact, in my state of shock I decided it would be my best bet to look the cop straight in the face and just start to cry! Mind you, these were real tears- however, it is apparently frowned upon in the eyes of the police to argue with them. This may seem like a no brainer to most, but in my case I took this opportunity to make my desperation known amongst all of the men in blue. In my mind, the most unfortunate part of this whole ordeal is that my Halloween completely sucked ass. Barely any pictures were able to be taken and our costumes were a real hit for the whole ten minutes that we got to experience at the "party". The mental note that I have made out of this whole mess is that it is a bad idea to kick out the stupid, drunk girls! What's a couple more dumb, sloppy girls going to do? It's when those girls leave the party that liability comes in to play and that is where the problems really start. As much as this next month of being grounded is going to totally suck, I'm mostly mad that I in no way, shape, or form went out with a bang! More like a whisper. The only things that were bangin' that night were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and no one got to fully appreciate them! Minus the police officers, of course. Which I find surprising since cops don't usually take kindly to teenage girls in fishnets and high heels. On any other day I would've most likely been jailed for the night on charges of prostitution. However, I am left to assume that my nunchucks may have been what warded them off.
- Until next time,
Michael Angelo

P.S.- The picture in no way does the costume justice!
Not Pictured: My orange heels, my eye cloth, and my florescent orange nunchucks!


  1. A month of grounding? more like a month of getting housed at home. PlZzZz.

  2. :) haha ur writing is hilarious, i love it!