Monday, December 21, 2009

As I explained in my earlier post, Friday was the much anticipated day of worship for the one and only Lady GaGa. With a leotard, fishnets, and a lighting bolt plastered across my face, life was good as I entered a party populated with people who just didn't get the memo on the GaGa dress code. That's right, it was not a themed party. We brought the theme. Pure and utter craziness ensued once we walked in and surprised the partygoers that night. It was a night of ridiculousness as I predicted and it couldn't have been too much better in the end.
As for Saturday, my night consisted of being with the people I really do LOVE. That includes the friends and family who attended my parents' annual Christmas extravaganza. Any time that I can enjoy a Corona and lime with my Pop Pop and my best friends in the same room is quite a good time in my eyes.
To put the icing on the delicious cake that I would like to call my weekend, school was cancelled for today! That's right, a snow day! Life doesn't get too much better than it is right now. An amazing weekend! Parlor Mob is in two days! Christmas is in four days! I will be heading out to Utah in six! Hmm.. How do you like them apples?

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