Friday, May 21, 2010

Time Most Certainly Flies

I've got to hand it to this thing called time. I was always told that it would pass in the blink of an eye, but nevertheless, I underestimated it. From last year to this year I think I look like the same person except with some boobs. I honestly can't say that I remember any 365 day period where I made a huge physical transformation. So I found myself thinking of how I looked in 7th grade and how I look now. Drastic change. But I can't remember when that change actually came about. I guess it all blends together.. Small continuous changes that we do not pick up on until we are looking in the mirror 5 years later saying: "Whoa, when did this happen?" But it's right now, the present, 2010. I'm much more content with my appearance than the 7th grade version of myself was. Who's to say what I'll walk around looking like in another 5 years? When I will be legally going to bars. I'm approaching the 2 month mark to the day that I've been waiting for since those days when my brothers would push me around in my playskool car. That's right! My seventeenth birthday is August 7th, which is when I will be getting my drivers license. So.... time, as we continue on in this love/hate relationship I will try to acknowledge the power you have over us all. I certainly didn't give you the credit that you so justly deserve.

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